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Quality Management

Quality Management

Our wire sockets, hook blocks as well as other types of hoisting attachment products, are mounted on bridges, construction equipment, cranes and so forth. They are used day and night under tough conditions. Looking into the future, we are aiming to achieve even better quality, so our customers can use our products with confidence. As a result, we are constantly implementing the strictest quality management practices.

In April 1999 our company became ISO9001 certified in quality management. In 2003, we handed over our certification, but we have maintained our quality system and are currently implementing these practices.

Quality Management of AUZAC is implemented and maintained according to the quality system of ISO 9001.

Inspection System

  • Thickness Measurement

  • Tensile Test

  • Ultrasonic Testing

  • Magnetic Particle Testing

  • Coating Film Thickness Inspection

  • Dimensional Inspection

Inspection Equipment

  • Vernier Caliper

  • Micrometer

  • Ultrasonic Thickness Gage

  • Coating Thickness Meter

  • Impact Type Hardness Testing Unit

  • Equipment for Magnetic Particle Testing

  • Digimatic Outside Micrometer

  • Portable Surface Roughness Tester

  • Bore Gage