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Corporate Profile

Corporate motto

Strive towards tomorrow's possibilities.

Management Principles

Our mission is to contribute to the local community. We actively participate in the local and social activities, and we aim to be a company that grows up with the local community. Creating customers with a customer-oriented approach. We offer quick support for our customers’ requests (quality, price and lead time), and we aim to acquire new customers while building a relationship that foments mutual growth. Employee happiness with training for self-driven working models. We promote personnel development for each and every employee and continue to offer reliability and inspiration for our customers. This enables our company to grow and develop, and it ultimately leads to the happiness of all our employees.

Message from President

We believe that the most important mission for us is to bring joy to people surrounding us. Therefore, an action plan was created for it, and all employees are practicing in accordance with the plan.
To bring the people around us happiness leads to our growth, happiness and company development.
We always have a sense of gratitude and make sincere efforts together to build better lives.

President, AUZAC CO.,LTD. Mototsugu Nishiyama

Corporation Profile

Corporate Name AUZAC CO., LTD.

Head Office & Factory
26-229, Tomochoushiroji, Fukuyama-shi, Hiroshima, Japan

Founded October, 1945
Capital 30 million yen
Major Banks Chugoku Bank Tomo Branch
Syoko Chukin Bank Fukuyama Branch
Employees 42
Site Area Headquarters site - 1,980m2
Office - 213.45m2
Factory - 1,166.66m2
Factory (second) - 210m2
Factory (third) - 1,688m2
Warehouse - 350m2
Business Guide Terminal Metal fittings for Wire Ropes
Adjustment and Connecting Fittings
Design, Manufacture and Sell of Lifting Tools and so on for Industrial Machines
Manufacturing Item
Metal Processing Wire Sockets, Rigging Screws, Hooks, Turnbuckles and Other Various Lifting Tools.


Oct. 1945 Welding and processing business was founded at 709-3 Tomochoushiroji.
Sep. 1959Forging Department was Launched in the same place.
1966A new factory was built in the Tomo Tekko Danchi.
1967The whole company was moved to the Tomo Tekko Danchi.
Apr. 1969Incorporation of enterprise
Aug. 1974Manufacturing of wire sockets began.
May. 1975 A lathe for processing of wire sockets was introduced.
CHUBU Machinery CLL1500
Mar. 1977A milling machine for processing of wire sockets was introduced.
Strong 3V
Oct. 1980A lathe for processing of wire sockets was introduced.
CHUBU Machinery CLL2000
Aug. 1989NC Department was launched.
A CNC lathe MORI SEIKI SL25-1000 was introduced.
Oct. 1989A building site for the headquarters was purchased.
May. 1990A CNC lathe MORI SEIKI SL25-1000 was introduced.
Sep. 1990The main factory began to be constructed.
Feb. 1991A horizontal machining center Mazak H630 was introduced.
Mar. 1991The construction of the new main factory was completed and it was opened.
Apr. 1991Our company name was changed to AUZAC CO., LTD.
May. 1991A CNC lathe SL-20-500 and a drilling machine were introduced.
Jan. 1992A vertical machining center-MV-55 was introduced.
Oct. 1992A NC milling machine YMV-45SCII was introduced.
May. 1996A CNC lathe LH55 was introduced.
Dec. 1999Acquired ISO 9001certification.
Apr. 2000Semiconductor Division was launched.
Feb. 2005A horizontal machining center was introduced.
Mar. 2005A horizontal machining center Mazak FH-6800 was introduced.
Aug. 2006A factory site for Semiconductor Department was purchased.
Nov. 2006A vertical machining center MORI SEIKI MV-5000 was introduced.
A CNC lathe MORI SEIKI NL-2500Y was introduced.
Sep. 2007The main factory was extended.
The Tokyo Office was opened.
Mar. 2009A vertical machining center MORI SEIKI MV-635 was introduced.
Oct. 2010A CNC lathe MORI SEIKI NL-2500 was introduced
Dec. 2010The semiconductor division was discontinued.
Oct. 2011CNC lathe
Mazak QTN-350-ⅡMY was introduced.
Mar. 2014A NC milling machine YAMASAKI GIKEN YZ-550 NCR was introduced.
Dec. 2014A Combined Lathe Mazak INTEGREXi-300 was introduced.
A CNC lathe MORI SEIKI NL3000 was introduced.
A CNC lathe MORI SEIKI NL2500 was introduced.

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